Understand NAS device

NAS Features

An overall comprehensive summary of all features by synology

 Protects your data

  • RAID technology levels to make sure that individual disk failures do not result in loss of data.
  • It serves as an extra storage location to prevent from a single point of failure.
  • Easy storage expansion with add-on units
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) on guard to serve when main power failure and auto shut down to prevent data damage to the unit.

 Build Your Own cloud

  • If Gmail, Dropbox, Onedrive & other public cloud running out of space, Synology NAS can easily build your own private cloud storage
  • Desktop and mobile apps are ready to deploy to let you enjoy similar file sharing experience just like the way you normally use it.

 Sharing Capabilities

  • Easy sharing your files with many operating systems out of the box like PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Share files and folders over the Internet with friends and co-workers with sharing links or directly attached to email.

NAS vs Server

The pro and cons about each devices in most common operation encounter.

Low Cost Server

  • Low initial investment, running on Linux OS, no OS and per user license fee applied. 
  • Low Power consumption 

  Full data protection

  • RAID protection 0,1,5,6 & 10 system build-in for each storage system

  Build to cater data expansion

  • Easily integrate with extension storage units for more storage scalability
  • For 5 bay units, max expansion can reach 15 bays in total

 Full private cloud solution out of the box

  • Easy to share files like dropbox, Gdrive, Onedrive to others
  • Free software for desktop and mobile apps for file sharing
  • Compatible with Android & iOS 

 Build-in with security features

  • Set up a Radius server to enable WPA2-Enterprise security WIFI login  
  • VPN access 
  • 2 step login verification
  • Block unwanted user with limited try to attempt unit
  • and more…

Unique Customization

With our unique business operation skills set, each Synology solution is customized to fit each individual organization requirement.

On-site & Off-Site Support

Our support goes beyond many of our competitors, we do on-site visit to resolve problems even an indirectly related issue. Off-site and hotline support are available to all our customers.

Caring Customer Support

All customers are well taken care from day one of its operation. Our support team provides full scale device monitoring. All important alerts are pushed out to customer via email or SMS.