Synology NAS vs Server


Synology NAS vs Server

Low Cost Server

  • Low initial investment, running on Linux OS, no OS and per user license fee applied. 
  • Low Power consumption 

  Full data protection

  • RAID protection 0,1,5,6 & 10 system build-in for each storage system

  Build to cater data expansion

  • Easily integrate with extension storage units for more storage scalability
  • For 5 bay units, max expansion can reach 15 bays in total

 Full private cloud solution out of the box

  • Easy to share files like dropbox, Gdrive, Onedrive to others
  • Free software for desktop and mobile apps for file sharing
  • Compatible with Android & iOS 

 Build-in with security features

  • Set up a Radius server to enable WPA2-Enterprise security WIFI login  
  • VPN access 
  • 2 step login verification
  • Block unwanted user with limited try to attempt unit
  • and more…


  High Running Cost

  • Assume running on Microsoft Server OS, it cost more for the initial setup
  • Per user license fee (refer to Window Server OS)
  • High power consumption 250W minimum. 

 Basic Data Protection

  • Normally only provided RAID 1 & 0
  • Need to top up extra to get full RAID 5 or 6 with add-on cards

 Expansion unit not possible

  • Internal  power unit not able to support  extra many hard drive
  • Not enough hard disk bay.
  • Simply not build for expansion

 No cloud solution build in

  • Require to purchase software
  • Complex installation and setup
  • No mobile app support