What NAS can do for you?

 Protects your data

  • RAID technology levels to make sure that individual disk failures do not result in loss of data.
  • It serves as an extra storage location to prevent from a single point of failure.
  • Easy storage expansion with add-on units
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) on guard to serve when main power failure and auto shut down to prevent data damage to the unit.

 Build Your Own cloud

  • If Gmail, Dropbox, Onedrive & other public cloud running out of space, Synology NAS can easily build your own private cloud storage
  • Desktop and mobile apps are ready to deploy to let you enjoy similar file sharing experience just like the way you normally use it.

 Sharing Capabilities

  • Easy sharing your files with many operating systems out of the box like PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Share files and folders over the Internet with friends and co-workers with sharing links or directly attached to email.

 Data Backup

  • Auto backup user files in realtime
  • Auto email backup to prevent desktop/notebook hard disk crash
  • File backup versions for easy restore
  • Allow external level backup to another cloud service provider


  • Control user access right to access any files and applications
  • Real-time encryption important folder
  • 2 steps verification for user remote to the NAS
  • Enhance wireless security from personal WPA2 to WPA-Enterprise
  • In-build Firewall to block unnecessary traffic
  • Auto block intruders exceed limited logins
  • Ongoing system security update

 Mobile Photo Backup

  • Mobile app can auto backup your photos to the NAS
  • Allow to delete your mobile photo after upload
  • Choose either WiFi or mobile signal

 All-in-one server

  • DNS Server – speed up office internet access
  • Radius Server – Enhance wireless ro enterprise class security.
  • VPN server – easy and secure remote desktop file access
  • Syslog server – monitor all devices log

 Mobile Application

  • Mobile access to user daily backup files
  • Support Android or iOS
  • Multimedia support through application


  • User, storage and security central management
  • User & Application privileges
  • Monitor & manages multiple NAS
  • Consolidate other device to one system log