Before Implementation


1 x Windows Server 2003 (since 2004)
1 x USB 2 TB external storage device for backup

Business Trade :

HR Consultant

Company Size:

Less than 15 users

Business Challenge

  • Management occasionally requires to remote access office folders.
  • Due to high volume project related emails, daily backup is a must.
  • Requires solution to expand the limited server storage.
  • Very reliable server uptime, cannot afford to go offline.
  • Requires experienced I.T personnel to manage existing infrastructure and applications.
  • Requires new technologies for staff occasionally work from home.

IT Weakness

  • Single hard disk without RAID protection.
  • Only monthly backup for Windows Server.
  • Users’ complaint unrecoverable files when deleted in a network shared folders.
  • Local email hosting services does not cater enough flexible technology solutions to allow mobile users work from home.
  • Requires new I.T skills to adopt new server OS, existing version already obsolete.

Completed Solution

Solution Implementation

New Hardware:

  • 2 x Synology 1813+ , 4 GB Ram, 8 x 4TB NAS HDD on RAID 5
  • 2 units installed in the main office,  configured as High Availability (HA) Mode
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply unit (UPS) for both Synology hardware.

 Maintenance :

  • Our company provides 1st & 2nd level Support to Synology NAS solution
  • Provides remote status monitoring and email alert to customers.
  • Provides on-site support if requires.

Business Challenge Fulfilled

  • With VPN secure remote access, users can manage their server files and folders and via desktop machines or Synology mobile apps.
  • A FREE backup software with shadow copy technology, installed in each PC / Notebook schedule to backup users’ email on a daily basis.
  • Each Synology DS 1813+ allows to expand maximum 10 bays with 2 units of DX 513
  • With Synology HA mode, 2 hardware running concurrently and synchronize each other. If one system fails, the other unit takes over its operation within seconds.
  • IT maintenance by Node System
  • Node System assists to integrate office 365 email solutions and VPN file access, it allow remote users to work from home.

Out of the Box solutions

  • Build in RAID storage configuration
  • Deploy VPN – easily allow users remotely access into office shared folders with security.
  • Synology DSM HA fail safe mode requires 2 identical Synology NAS units connects directly together.
  • Synology Cloud station deploys to each user’s PC to backup selected folders to file server in real-time and added file versioning.
  • Activates recycle bin for all shared folders, easy for users to recover deleted files or folders.

Strengthen IT

  • RAID 5 data protection on both hardware
  • Replaces old server with 2 Synology NAS in HA mode with concurrent synchronization.
  • Part of Synology solution, to enable recycle bin for shared folders.
  • Assist to integrate new office 365 email with existing email hosting, working hand in hand to maximize technology gaps, allows greater operational and mobile access flexibility.
  • IT manage by Node System