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Office 365 & Cpanel
Hosting Side by Side

Ever wanted a true working mobile solution to incorporate your in-house or service provider email systems? How many times you are trapped in a similar situation where hardware or software failure causing a huge lost to your emails and yet No BACKUP COPY!

Office 365 Plans


  • Huge per email storage space, 50GB standard account as written.
  • Master email always hosts in office 365 exchange server, if local copy got corrupted you can restore 100% back to the local copy.
  • Robust security and reliability
  • Office 365 provides IT control and efficiency
  • Proven technology for enterprise email solution
  • Full fledge Outlook web access (OWA)
  • Access from anywhere


  • Each email account is payable, not flexible.
  • Not possible to have multiple link email accounts.
  • Web hosting is not favorable

CPanel Plans


  • Very low cost email solutions, proven technology.
  • Available from many well know service provider worldwide.
  • Basically unlimited email accounts in a single hosting
  • All domain names house under one service
  • Well documented with easy control features


  • Shared total storage space with web and email accounts.
  • Only POP3 and IMAP
  • No web office bundle
  • Standard simple webmail features
  • Most are configured as POP mail, simply download from host and delete at the same time to clear space. Not friendly to mobile devices.

Common Problems

CPanel – All in one Email and Web hosting


Cpanel, a platform which selected by most hosting service providers for hosting customers email and web services, it’s packed with lots of features, creating unlimited email accounts, FTP, spam filter, email security, accommodate domain names, DNS zone forwarding, MX records, WordPress, Joomla, Mysql, phpmyadmin, etc.

95% of my client started with cPanel for their initial web page and email, the shared storage concept for panel is an important one to understand and compare to the other similar hosting package like Microsoft office 365 hosting services. Is also known as a shared storage hosting service to pack all it’s available services into one subscription, customer with 10 emails + 1 website or 1000 emails and 5 websites all consume within the same subscription storage space, pay more to increase hosting space.

Preferred email protocol, POP3 and email. POP3, is good for email use on a desktop, simply download and clear off from the server. Email works like Google, Yahool or email, very friendly for mobile phone access.

Unfortunately, not many using email because it requires very huge storage space for total number of user accounts, it short suffers huge subscription fees. POP3 still the best when use with the panel, but lack true mobile email access.

Bridging Office 365 & Cpanel


Office 365, very powerful email & web (not much preferred for its web services) hosting running on Microsoft Exchange server, full corporate mobile features and true email web access. It would be a costly solution to embark on for small companies as compared to cPanel. Not quite as flexible when having multiple domain names and email account creations.

Bridging Office 365 and cPanel

We have solutions to bridge both platforms together, bringing the overall email experience to the next level. Is best suited for companies already have cPanel hosting and wanted some key account holder for full mobile email access.

The key holders are require to sign up office 365 accounts, then we assist to bridge both spaniel and office 365 accounts with existing office domain names. Once done, key users will have a full working office 365 account with 50GB email space, full mobile email access, replying back to all cPanel users.

Reach us for more details working plan.