IT outsourcing

More flexible and yet comprehensive selective modules for every SME companies to embark on.

Operation Coverage

Three main areas of systems maintenance, we mainly assembly our focus.

Microsoft Windows Server

This covers most of the current version from 2008 to 2012. Active directory, DNS, Group policy, Hyper-V.

  • Routine Maintenance
  • On-site & Remote Services
  • Hotline Support

Synology Products

Either Synology deploys as your main server or just an added storage device. We have maintenance solutions to keep them running smoothly at all time.

  • Routine Maintenance
  • On-site & Remote Services
  • Hotline Support

Web / Email Hosting Services

Many SMEs are moving away from in-house WEB and Email systems to external hosting service providers. We can assist to sign up and setup both systems with our preferred hosting provider. Our maintenance covers our customer as the single point of contact to resolve issues internally. Examples, creating more email accounts, adding domain names, couple it with Office 365, resolving remote user problem accessing email, etc.

Selective Modules

We have to break down our maintenance into many selects, clearly mapping customers’ requirements in their outsource packages.

  • 6 / 12 months Maintenance

    We offer both packages with either 6 or 12 months contract service agreement.

  • WAN & LAN networking

    Internet disconnection, firewall settings, VPN configurations and monitor, we all have it all in our maintenance coverage.

  • Network Performance Tuning

    As business grows, new added hardware and users may start causing overall slow network traffic, is a necessary process to perform network monitoring and traffic tuning to gain back network speed.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Recovery of the entire server to the last backup operation state. Bare metal restore also possible to another spare server if current hardware failure.

  • Backup / Restore

    Taking care of daily, weekly or monthly server in full or partial backup, easy for remote restores if any give request.

  • Software Inventory

    keeping track of all in-house license software for complete audit, renewal and budget forecast.

  • Service Level Agreement

    By industrial standard SLA response time and coverage. Day / Week coverage: 8x5 / 8x7 / 24x 5 / 24x7 : 1st response time: 4 hours, 2nd response time 8 hours, 3rd response, next business day.

  • On-site, Off-site & Remote Service

    Business can be very different from one company to another. Our maintenance mode can go from purely On-site for security reasons to all the above.

Reduce overall maintenance cost

it just doesn't make any sense if support cost is higher than your overall sales forecast. Simply to balance the equation, we ensure all customers are able to cover most modules and yet have an overall cost effective package.

Focus in Operation

Maintenance is only part of our solution, many times new or existing issues may overlook by the management. We react to situations in advance, fix and resolve issues prior to operation uptime before exchanging emails or conversation.

Long term Business Partners

Every customer is unique to us, having trust and understanding is our ultimate effort to ensure we have service quality as well as a social ethical sense in our business operation.